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"Safe, quality housing in the heart of the
South Student Neighborhood"

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Availability For
2024-2025 School Year

updated February 6, 2024

9  Person Housing

     1912 Trinity - Unavailable

463 Irving - Available

7-9 Person Housing

      443 Irving
- Unavailable

8  Person Housing

     408 Lowes
- Unavailable

7 Person Housing

      1906 Trinity "The Wedge" - Unavailable

6 Person Housing
426 Lowes - Unavailable

102 Lawnview - Unavailable

  441 Irving - Unavailable

5 Person Housing
     427 Lowes - Unavailable

     1908 Trinity - Unavailable

463 Irving Available
                         GREAT VALUE!!!!!
                         GREAT LOCATION!!!!

3-4 Person Housing

414 Kiefaber - Available

3 Person Housing

     424 Lowes - Available

2 Person Housing

        414 Kiefaber - Available

        412 Kiefaber - Unavailable

      445 Irving
  - Available

        463 Irving Available

1-3 Person Housing

      1040 Irving
- 2 BR apts. - Unavailable

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You want to live in the Student Neighborhood and you don't want mess with Path Points and then "hope" to get good housing. This site helps you secure prime housing in the Student Neighborhood that is right for you and your group.

All houses are furnished with beds, dressers, desks and chairs, and couches.

The owner pays for natural gas, electricity and water. Internet and cable are also included with several properties.

Most properties have central air conditioning, dishwasher, garbage disposal, washer and dryer.

Houses are rented on a "first come - first serve" basis  to responsible students.

Here are the steps for renting housing:

  1. Determine which property you want and check if the property is available (see list on left). 
  2. Take a tour of the property to verify it will meet all your housing needs. You can visit the property on your own or schedule an appointment with the owner for a tour. The owner will provide a copy of the lease for the group to have and review.
  3. Each person in the group completes the Renter Information Form and e-mails it to The information is used to conduct a background check on each person in the group. The background check usually takes 2-3 days. Once the background checks come back clean, the lease can be signed. Leases will not be signed before the background check is complete.
  4. Get your security deposit. While the background check is conducted, you should use this time to get your security deposit ready. The security deposit is due when the lease is signed. If someone in the group does not have their deposit, the lease can not be signed. Don't wait until the last minute to secure your deposit or you may lose the house. Even if you do not rent a house from us, ALL other landlords will require a deposit so it is a good idea to make sure your deposit is available and ready. 
  5. Sign the lease and submit security deposits. Each renter also needs to provide a copy of  his/her driver's license. Copies of the signed lease will be distributed to each person in the group.
  6. You now have a place to live!