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UD Landlord Housing

UD Ghetto Student Housing
"Safe, quality housing in the heart of the UD Ghetto"

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2020-2021 School Year

9  Person Housing

     1912 TrinityUnavailable

463 Irving - Unavailable

8-9 Person Housing

443 Irving Unavailable

7 Person Housing

      1906 Trinity "The Wedge" - Unavailable

6 Person Housing
426 Lowes - Unavailable

     441 Irving
- Unavailable

 5 Person Housing

      463 Irving Available
     Remodeled Kitchen!!
     Nice location!!!!
     3 Bedrooms!!!!
     Garage parking included!!!

     102 Lawnview - Unavailable

     427 Lowes Unavailable

     1908 Trinity - Unavailable

3 Person Housing

     424 Lowes - Unavailable

2 Person Housing

        412 Kiefaber - Available

       445 Irving
- Available
       BEST VALUE!!!

1-3 Person Housing

1040 Irving - 2 BR apts. -   Available

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Due to the proprietary nature of out lease, the lease is only provided to prospective tenants.

Please contact us and we will schedule an appointment to meet you and give you a copy of the lease or e-mail you a copy of the lease.